A Walk Down Memory Lane

A Promise To You…Our Drury Lane Family

The challenge of sharing live musical theatre with you, our patrons, partners, members, and volunteers has never been so great. It is heartbreaking to have to further postpone our 2021 season, however we simply cannot ensure the safety of everyone.

We are all thirsting for the day when we can once again step back from our day-to-day lives, laugh or hum a tune, or be part of an audience that is sharing magical moments of joy. While the basic human need for real connections to shared stories in dance, song and word remains strong, Drury Lane renews our promise to you to continue the work of preparing our company’s recovery and reopening from this lengthy intermission.

You, our audience, and members have rallied to our support with kind words of encouragement, exchanging unused tickets for credit on future purchases or donating the value of your tickets when possible. Thank you for your continued support.

As we continue the process of planning for the time when we can reopen, we encourage you to sign up for our Libretto newsletter and check out our website blog. Our first responsibility must be safety. As part of our Duty of Care promise to our patrons, members, volunteers and partners, we will do everything possible to ensure that when you do revisit our theatre, it will be with confidence in our safety measures.

As conditions continue to evolve and we adapt our programming schedule, we request that you continue your kind support of Drury Lane. Check back for updates. Please stay safe and know that we are looking forward to humming a tune with you once we return to the stage.  

Thank you for your generous contribution to Drury Lane Theatrical Productions.

Your support for live musical theatre is sure to help inspire audiences, volunteers, partners and members as we emerge from the COVID crisis.            Have you considered a monthly donation using CanadaHelps.org?

About Drury Lane

Each year Drury Lane Theatrical Productions mounts three musical theatre productions and a special pantomime just in time for Christmas. 
All our shows are presented at “The Loft” our term of endearment for The Drury Lane Theatre located in the heart of Burlington’s vibrant downtown cultural and dining scene.
We excel in musical storytelling and fun, humorous musical variety entertainment.

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