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Drury Lane Theatrical Productions

Our Reopening Commitment – May 4, 2021

As Ontario remains under a province-wide emergency and Stay-at-Home order, we are forced to continue our delay for reopening of live musical theatre at Drury Lane Theatrical Productions.  However, as the roll out of vaccinations continues, we are cautiously optimistic that we may be turning the corner and that planning for our reopening can now proceed in earnest.

Tentatively we have set a goal of reopening in early 2022 but have not dismissed the possibility of offering something in the fall. This of course would only proceed provided it is safe to do so and permitted by public health.

We want to thank our patrons, members, partners, actors, technical teams, and volunteers for their loyalty as we all pivot and adjust to ensure we can continue to bring you live musical theatre.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

The Board Executive,

Drury Lane Theatrical Productions

Blasts from the Past to Help with the Future!

Thank you for your generous contribution to Drury Lane Theatrical Productions.

Your support for live musical theatre is sure to help inspire audiences, volunteers, partners and members as we emerge from the COVID crisis.            Have you considered a monthly donation using CanadaHelps.org?

About Drury Lane

Each year Drury Lane Theatrical Productions mounts three musical theatre productions and a special pantomime just in time for Christmas. 
All our shows are presented at “The Loft” our term of endearment for The Drury Lane Theatre located in the heart of Burlington’s vibrant downtown cultural and dining scene.
We excel in musical storytelling and fun, humorous musical variety entertainment.

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