Music Hall Opening Weekend

Red Skelton, in his closing monologue while performing at Royal Albert Hall in London, sang to the audience “We’ve had a laugh, perhaps a tear”.
Well, the 41st Annual Music Hall’s opening weekend generated that kind of sentiment. And the tears were tears of joy!
Music Hall is filled with laughter and song that brings back wonderful feelings and memories not seen for two years on the Drury Lane stage.
The creative team assembled beautifully talented actor-singer-dancers, musicians and comedians to evoke memories, laughter and pure entertainment resulting in the “best Friday and Saturday night audiences this week”.
The cast on stage were supported by an amazing crew ready for anything live theatre can and often does throw at you!
Where else will you find Stephen Sondheim, Adele, and the Little Old Lady From Pasadena all being wrangled by a “Mr. Chairman” on the same stage? At the Loft! Have a look at the program for this year’s production…
Carol and Rick MacKenzie
Music Hall runs until April 10, 2022. Click here to buy tickets!


Photo by Heather Pierorazio

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