Music Hall 2023: A Wild Ride

As Michael Belton, Chairman extraordinaire would say, “we slid in a little battered and bruised” fighting the weather and illness as we journeyed “Around The World” with Music Hall 2023, but WOW, what a Wild Ride.

Creatively, artistically, socially, and financially, Music Hall “Around The World” has been a huge success! Dedicated cast and crew have mustered through weather closures and some cold and flu irritations, but nothing has stopped us. We finish the run having sold over 85% of capacity (taking out the cancelled Opening Night due to weather). The last weekend was virtually sold out.

We had good feedback from Patrons as well. A special shout-out to the Box Office once again, who had to deal with last minute changes to the run (cancellation of our Opening Night!) and needed to respond quickly to contact patrons! Thanks to this amazing team.

Strike week was set for Monday, March 27, through Thursday, March 30th. Stage Managers and Producers have adopted this new “standard” practice that follows each show, where each department head makes arrangements with as many team members/volunteers needed as necessary, in order to “clean up and put away” all aspects of each show.

Movie night for MUSIC HALL 23 is scheduled for April 15th where cast/crew have an opportunity to laugh and enjoy each other’s company one last time before putting Music Hall “Around The World” to bed!

At the closing party, Carol and Rick shared a a special thank you to cast and crew. Barb Osborne, Stage Manager; Danny Harvey, Director and Randy Bridge, Drury Lane President spoke from the heart leaving no doubt that we had just experienced one of life’s great highlights.

Rick read from a Thank You message shared with Cast & Crew. We leave you with these thoughts…

How many Music Hall Cast and Crew Members does it take to change a light bulb?

Or maybe the better question to ask is………

How many Music Hall Cast and Crew Volunteer Hours does it take to put on a Show?

Rick and I compiled the number of Volunteer Hours that each team had estimated they had contributed to the production of the show – up to Opening Night! It included all team members in all departments, the Box Office team and Cast and Crew at all rehearsals.

You will be astounded to learn that the estimated amount of time is 2,890 hours!!! And we believe that to be a conservative estimate.

That is a collective 120 “24 hour” days! And let’s not forget all the volunteer (cast, crew, bar, front of house and box office) hours that continued from Opening Night to Closing.

It is the dedication of our Volunteers – working alongside our amazingly talented contracted professionals – that keep community theatre alive and well at Drury Lane.

As proud Producers, we want to thank each and everyone of you for your contribution to the success of Music Hall 2023! It’s been a fun ride “Around The World”!

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