Renovations Phase 1 Complete!

Ask anyone connected to the highly successful Legally Blonde production and people will tell you we all had to “dig down deep” to attain this musical theatre metamorphosis, especially competing for space in the theatre as renovations were pushed back to overlap with rehearsals and tech week big time! Hats off to a brilliant and tenacious creative and producing team, not to mention the actors’ and the musicians’ tolerance for noise, dust and what may have seemed like chaos at times. You all shone through!

Well Let The Trumpets Sound …Right Here in River City…sorry, no that’s somewhere else! Why you ask? Its about our new BAR, (accessible) BATHROOM & (tech) BOOTH, HOUSE LIGHTING, STAGE LIGHTING, BODY MICROPHONES… It is glorious, convenient, spectacular and the beer still tastes great!

Yes Phase 1 of our renovation has made its debut at the Loft! And it’s spectacular. Drury Lane seems like it’s on a renaissance of sorts with our “New Digs” while staying on top artistically in selection, execution and presentation of musical theatre. And we are not done yet!

No organization can match the commitment of Drury Lane Volunteers. The demolition of the bar in June; demo of the theatre ceiling and wiring in November;  the installation of a new stage lighting transformer, new stage lighting, new lighting console, house lighting and many projects too numerous to mention resulted from many long hours by electricians, programmers, sound technicians, Board of Directors members, Legally Blonde cast and crew who gave it their all.

Come see for yourself. This brilliant Cabaret Theatre venue makes Burlington’s Drury Lane Theatre the go to spot for musicals and variety musicals. Now celebrating its 46th year as Burlington’s Premiere Musical Theatre company, Drury Lane aspires to meet and exceed your entertainment expectations. Come join us!

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