Drury Lane Theatrical Productions is auditioning for the roles of Nick Galeazzo and Julia/Jessica Youngstead for their production of The Last Resort, by Norm Foster, running from May 5th -28th, 2023. The rehearsal period will begin in March with rehearsals running on Monday and Wednesday evenings as well as Saturdays in March and Sundays in April.

Auditions will be held on Saturday, January 28th from 11:00AM to 2:00PM at 2269 New Street, Burlington.

This musical comedy and murder mystery finds Nick, a restaurant owner on the run from the mob, hiding out in a rural Saskatchewan resort. He is accompanied by federal agent Angela who is to ensure his safety. Upon arrival, a threatening note is handed to Nick and it appears as though his whereabouts have been discovered. A ridiculous array of characters tries to deal with the fact there is a hit man among them!

Casting for:

Nick Galeazzo – Male presenting, 30s, Baritone. A proud Italian restaurant owner on the run from the mob, he’s a slick New York City Italian male, a smart dresser, rich, romantic, and a bit paranoid.


Jessica/Julia Youngstead – Female presenting, 20-30s, Soprano with belt. A dual role – playing twin sisters – both are beautiful news anchor women, each with their very own distinct personality: Julia – sweet innocence, careful, shy, and oblivious to her own beauty; Jessica – a sultry, villainous vamp; she’s sarcastic and short-fused.

Interested applicants are asked to prepare two contrasting musical theatre songs and may be asked for a cold read. Please bring sheet music, printed double sided in a binder, for the provided accompanist.

To book an audition please email Co-Producer Katherine Kormos at info@katherinekormos.com

All other roles have been cast at this time.


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